Leaside Tennis Club  Singles Ladder Information

  • The Singles Ladder is a box style format.
  •  The ladder is open to all adult members. Male and female players play in the same ladder.
  •  Ladder starts in May and is comprised of 5 monthly cycles ending September 30.
  •  Registration for the first cycle of the ladder opens April 1 and closes April 30.
  •  New players applying to join the ladder after April 30 shall be allocated to a box on the first day of the month after the month in which they apply (e.g., if a player applies on June 25, the player will be assigned to a box for the cycle beginning July 1).
  • The Ladder Coordinator makes the ultimate decision on the initial assignment of each player to a box, taking into account the player’s NTRP rating, results from the 2023 Challenge Ladder and Head Pro input.
  • Boxes will consist of 8 to 10 players and will take place over two months.
  • Participants who play fewer than 4 matches may be eliminated from the ladder at the start of the next cycle.
  • Matches are comprised of an 8 game pro-set, with full ad points. The length of time allowed for warm-up is up to the players to decide, but shall be no more than 15 minutes. Each match shall be no longer than 60 minutes in duration, including the warm-up time (in other words, the total time for the warm-up and the game shall be the standard court booking time of 60 minutes).
  • The first player to win 8 games, or the player who is ahead in the match at the end of the court time, wins the match. o At 7-7, a 7-point tiebreaker is played. o A game or tie-breaker must be finished for it to count; in other words, the match result is based on the completed games.
  • The match winner is awarded four points. The loser is awarded one point. In the event of a draw, each player earns two points.
  • Players who fail to show up for a match or who show up 15 minutes late are subject to default. A player who wins by default gets two points. A player who defaults does not earn a point.
  • At the end of each cycle, the top three players in each box (in other words, those with the most points) will be moved up to the next box and the bottom three players (those with the fewest points) will move down a box. Other participants will remain in the same box. However, if a player’s box assignment is clearly too low or too high, the Ladder Coordinator may move that player to another box on a discretionary basis.
  • If several players at the top or bottom of the box have then same number of points the Ladder Coordinator will decide who the top (or bottom) two players are after considering the head-tohead result. If that was a draw, the Ladder Coordinator will consider total games won.
  • Each player should bring a can of balls to each match.
  • The Ladder Coordinator has ultimate authority to resolve all disputes pertaining to the ladder.
  • Scores will be reported to the court monitor who will record the scores on the printed copy of the box ladder, found inside the clubhouse. If the clubhouse is closed, scores will be emailed immediately after a match to Ladder Coordinator, Ivan Lauzon at