LTC Singles Challenge Ladder


  1. The LTC Singles Challenge Ladder is intended to give members an opportunity to play against a variety of players in a competitive environment. Both female and male competitors play in the same ladder.
  2. The ladder will be coordinated by the Director of Adult Development (the Ladder Coordinator) or his / her delegate.
  3. Any Adult member may sign up to participate.
  4. A ladder fee of $10 is payable upon signup.
  5. The fees collected will be utilized to award prizes to participants during the duration of the Ladder session that is anticipated to run from May to September.
  6. Players must login to the ladder management application to join, view standings, determine who they can challenge and to report scores.
  7. When signing up, members are required to provide their NTRP rating. (See Tennis Canada’s Self-Rating Guide on the LTC website for details of the NTRP rating scale).
  8. Initial placement in the ladder will be determined by the Ladder Coordinator after considering NTRP ratings.
  9. After the initial signup period, new players can join the Ladder at the start of each month. These new players will be placed at the bottom of the ladder for their respective NTRP rating.

Ladder Rules

  1. Any player can challenge another player who is one or two places higher in the ladder at the time of the challenge.
  2. Ladder matches are played during a regular court time slot and are based on an 8 game Pro Set. The winner is the first to win 8 games by a margin of 2, e. g. 8-6, or the player who is ahead at the end of the court time, e. g. 5-4.
  3. Deuces are played out, and if the score reaches 7-7, players play a tiebreaker.
  4. All matches must have a winner.  If the score is tied at the end of the court time, the players must play one more point to decide the winner of the game.
  5. Results of all ladder matches must be reported using the ladder management application on the website. It is the responsibility of the winner to ensure that the match scores are reported within 24 hours after the match.
  6. If the challenger wins the match, they move to the loser’s position in the ladder. 
  7. Players bring their own balls.
  8. If a player does not play at least one match during a month, they may be dropped 5 positions or eliminated from the Ladder.
  9. Members who do not respond to challenges should be reported to the Ladder Coordinator who may award a default. If two players set a time to play and one does not show up, the player who shows up is deemed to have won the match by default.
  10. Players who become injured and unable to play or who are going on vacation, should inform the Ladder Coordinator, and ask to be marked as “unavailable” for a period of time. As soon as players are ready to resume playing, they should notify the ladder coordinator that they are available again. If players become unavailable for more than a month, they will not be exempt from being dropped because of inactivity.
  11. The Ladder Coordinator has ultimate authority to resolve all disputes pertaining to the Ladder.


Any questions about our Challenge Ladder can be addressed to our Adult Development Program Director, Peter Drumm at