Leaside Tennis Club Rules and Regulations

All members and non-members must abide by the club rules

Violation of these rules will be brought before the Board of Directors for appropriate action and may result in membership suspension and/or cancellation of playing rights.


  1. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn to preserve the court surface.
  2. Appropriate attire, including shirts, is mandatory.

Courtesy is expected of each member and non-member, at the club and when representing the club at another club. On the court, this includes:

  1. Loud, abusive, or profane language and abuse of a racquet or ball, are not permitted.
  2. Smoking, canned beverages, glass containers and food are prohibited on the courts.
  3. No more than 3 balls are allowed on a court at a time, except for courts 1 & 2 when being used for clinics or by a Club tennis professional.
  4. To cross behind a court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court.
  5. To secure your ball from another court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court to retrieve or to request it.
  6. If in doubt about a line call on your court, play it as “in”. Line calls are to be made by the players on whose side the ball landed. In doubles, both players must agree or ball is “in”.
  7. Other than first serve, if you see your ball is clearly out, call it “out”.
  8. Indicate an “out” ball with an index finger pointing up, and an “in” ball with a horizontal palm.
  9. An “out” or “let” call must be made immediately.
  10. If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, correct your call immediately.
  11. You are expected to call double bounces, touching of the net, or ball touching self  against yourself.
  12. Please familiarize yourself with specific Rules of Tennis by referencing the book in the Clubhouse or asking the Tennis Professional.