Houseleague on Wednesday Nights

This is the most popular activity at LTC (with 250 signups).

Every Wednesday evening all of our courts are full with House League matches. Mixed, Ladies and Men’s doubles are played and arranged according to your level, 2.5 to 4.0. Although the teams do compete and we do keep scores, it is friendly competition. The number of teams is dependent on the registration level. We always need volunteers to act as Captains and co-Captains. A House League Convener supports the Captains, players and Court Supervisor to ensure all goes smoothly.

Spring matches of one hour duration are played between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm (9:00 pm in the Summer). Each team’s start times vary from week to week. Even if you cannot commit to a team, you can join in as a “spare”. The Online Registration process is announced via club emails, a month before each session starts. You are asked to let the organizers know the extent of your availability.

All players are expected to have a minimal level of competitive experience (i.e. at 2.5 NTRP rating).

“Regular” players are placed on one of the balanced team rosters and are scheduled to play on specific dates, times and courts by their “Captain(s)”.

“Spare” players are placed in a pool, by ability, where they can be contacted, as a replacement, if a “regular” scheduled player cannot play a specific match.

The TWO biggest challenges that the Convener and the Team Captains face are:

  1. the cancellation and/or no-show of a scheduled participant without a spare
  2. the lack of a Pro rating for all players to ensure appropriate court placement


NOTE: This year players on each winning team will receive prizes, through their Captain and all Captains will be recognized for their volunteer service.

Spring House League Session usually starts in  April or May and continues to the BASH (BBQ and Round-Robin, if sufficient volunteers are found) in June. 

Summer House League Session starts in July  and continues to September/October . 


Registration is done online . Registration opens about a month before each session commences. Please indicate any unavailable dates and team preferences, when you register. 

Please direct any comments, concerns or suggestion to the HL Director and Convener, at or in person on any HL evening.