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Love Tennis?  Come back and play at Leaside Tennis Club.

Membership Renewals for the season for returning members usually begin on November 1st and run until January 31st.  




Membership renewal emails will be sent out to our membership on November 1st.  Returning members will have from November 1st  until January 31st to renew and be guaranteed a spot in our membership.  After this date, the membership will open to the people on our waitlist.


- Please notify the club if you have changed your email address during this past season to ensure that you receive all of our membership renewal reminder emails.


  • To check, login in to (top right corner) and click on the View/Update My Profile link.  Update your info if necessary. 


  • (Some members opt out of our weekly newsletter or emails, so to reach everyone we use the main registration database via the website.) We strongly urge you not to unsubcribe to our emails as you may lose your spot at our club if you unsubsribe to us.  Last but not least, a reminder that we are are a community tennis club, run by volunteers,  membership Renewal information and club announcements are sent exclusively by email.


If you are not currently a member of the club, you can join our waitlist.  Instructions on how to join our waitlist can be accessed by clicking on the  Waitlist tab under the Membership tab at the top of this page