Adult Teams

There are 8 adult teams representing Leaside Tennis Club across different leagues.  All matches are doubles and occur in both the day and evening, at a variety of levels.  

There are three (3) daytime teams and four (5) evening teams playing in the Toronto Ladies Tennis League and the Intercounty Tennis League. 

The Inter-county evening and daytime teams play from May until mid-August. The Ladies evening teams play from May until August.  The Ladies day team plays from May until late June. For more information on the different teams, divisions and standings you can look on the league websites: or

All Leaside members are eligible and encouraged to play on a team, but you must attend one of the many hours of scheduled tryouts which will be posted in March to occur in April. It is recommended that you try to attend at least 1 indoor tryout, as sometimes outdoor tryouts are canceled due to weather.  Selection to teams is determined by the Pros. 

It is vital to have Captains and Co-captains for the teams so please consider supporting your club and offering your services.  There must be leadership on each team or the team will not be viable.  

If you have any questions about teams please contact