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Tribe Beauty Box Waitlist


If you are not currently a member and would like to join our club, please put yourself, and any of your family members who would like to join, on our waitlist.

Everyone who wants to join needs to be listed as an INDIVIDUAL on the waitlist.

Please note every name on our waiting list represents one potential spot in the club. If you want to sign up your spouse, partner and/or children, please enter them individually on the list.

Members are given the option to renew their membership each year, before new members are invited to join.

If you would like to sign everyone up using one email, you can, with a small alteration of the email for each separate person.  If the original email is bestfamily@fab.net then the first parent could use bestfamily@fab.net; the second parent could use bestfamily@@fab.net; the first child could use bestfamily@@@fab.net…..  The additional @ will make the email seem unique to our registration system, while any emails sent to any of the email addresses will end up at the original, single @, email address.

There is no obligation for signing up. Don’t be put off by the length of the existing list, as many people sign themselves up at multiple clubs and so not everyone on the list will ultimately sign up at Leaside Tennis Club.

To put yourself, family or friends, on the waitlist, click on the icons below:

pointView/Join the Adult waiting list

pointView/Add a Junior to the Junior waiting list

Invitation to Join Club 

In February, after we have processed any returning members, we send out our first batch of invitations to people on our waitlist. We send out invitations in batches in order to maintain people’s priority on the list.
People who do not respond to our invitation are assumed to no longer be interested in joining the club and so will be taken off the waitlist. Anyone can re-register on the list if they become interested in the club again.

How quickly the club fills depends on how many waves of invitations we will need to issue. Our practice is to invite as many as we room for and give people two weeks to register and pay for their membership.

If you are waiting to get in, note at the beginning of the season where you are on list in relation to other people around you. When your name, and those around you, disappear from the list it is because we have sent an invitation to register to the email address you gave us. If your name disappears and you did not receive an invitation – (check that it didn’t end up in your junk folder) –  it will be because you did not update your email in our system.

Membership Renewal information and club announcements are sent exclusively by email.
Please whitelist our domain, leasidetennis.org, so our emails will not go to your junk folder.

If you have any questions please contact our Membership Director at membership@leasidetennis.org and remember in the future to let us know of any changes in your contact info.