Leaside Tennis Club Rules and Regulations

All members and non-members must abide by the club rules

Violation of these rules will be brought before the Board of Directors for appropriate action and may result in membership suspension and/or cancellation of playing rights.


  1. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn to preserve the court surface.
  2. Appropriate attire, including shirts, is mandatory.

Courtesy is expected of each member and non-member, at the club and when representing the club at another club. On the court, this includes:

  1. Loud, abusive, or profane language and abuse of a racquet or ball, are not permitted.
  2. Canned beverages, glass containers and food are prohibited on the courts. No smoking will be permitted on or around the courts. City Bylaws prohibit smoking within 9 metres of a public building (
  3. No more than 3 balls are allowed on a court at a time, except for courts 1 & 2 when being used for clinics or by a Club tennis professional.
  4. To cross behind a court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court.
  5. To secure your ball from another court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court to retrieve or to request it.
  6. All members must check in with court supervisors before entering the courts. 

Simplified Rules of Tennis:

  1. Starting the Game: The winner of a toss chooses whether to serve first or which side of the court to start on. The other choice goes to the opponent.
  2. Serving:
    • The server must stand behind the baseline and serve diagonally into the opponent's service box.
    • The server gets two attempts to serve the ball into play.
    • The serve must bounce before the receiver can return it.
  1. Playing the Point:
    • Players lose a point if they fail to return the opponent's shot before the second bounce.
    • Shots landing outside the court lines are out. Shots touching the lines are in.
    • Players lose a point if they hit the ball more than once or if they touch the net or opponent's court during play.
  1. Interference and Fair Play:
    • Unintentional interference calls for a replay of the point.
    • Intentional interference results in the player losing the point.
  1. Doubles Play:
    • Doubles teams set their serving order and receiving sides at the start of each set.
    • Errors in serving or receiving are corrected as soon as they're noticed, without replaying finished points.
  1. Line Calls:
    • Players should give the benefit of the doubt to their opponents when calling lines.

These simplified rules cover the basics of tennis gameplay.


For expanded rules of tennis please visit Tennis Canada’s website